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I am a chartered accountant ( ) and property entrepreneur ( ), and have more than 20 years experience in each field. By working with me I will use all my skills to help you:

  • build wealth and save tax, eg structuring your business to reduce income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax. If you own any properties in your own name, I can potentially help you transfer them to a smart company with multiple classes of shares via an LLP. If done properly, and if your situation fits, this can be done WITHOUT paying CGT or SDLT, and can bring considerable tax benefits, as well as financing benefits, as can often get a much higher LTV loan when a company owns the property.

  • I can complete accounts and returns and file everything at Companies House and HMRC,

  • I can produce very useful cloud based management accounts, graphs, cashflow forecasts

  • I can crunch numbers so you can see the internal rate of returns of all your possible deals, and ways of structuring them.

  • and I can advise whether it is better to use bridging, mortgage finance, private equity, vendor finance etc. The finance you use can dramatically alter the internal rate of return and profitability of the deal

  • Also open to doing JVs, or you investing with me for a high fixed rate loan

    I have also invested in property for 20 years, and have invested £40k in property education, so I can also use all this skill and experience to help you.

    By working with me to really understanding the numbers, you could potentially grow your wealth much faster, as you could be making much more profitable decisions

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