About Us - Magnetic Property
  • I am a property entrepreneur, and have been investing since 1998 when I bought my first investment property. I find amazing investment opportunities and partner up with cash rich investors to create a fantastic return on investment for us both.
  • My main strategies are flipping, refurbishing, planning gains, buying below market value, bridging, creative finance and purchase options.
  • I have invested over £40k in my property education, including Simon Zutshi's mastermind MM10 in 2011/12 followed by Progressive Property's VIP programme.
  • I am very well connected to a lot of developers, investors, and other property experts. I believe that property truly is a people business, and your net worth is equal to your network.
  • I am passionate about using my knowledge and experience to help others create wealth through property. A simple buy and hold strategy can do well over time just because of the magic of house price rises, and the leverage of mortgage finance. I followed this strategy alone for many years, and made a lot of money. But returns can be a lot higher when you follow more advanced strategies of adding value with leverage
  • So many people have cash in their bank, or tied up in investments, equity in their house or their pension. I believe these people are sitting on a goldmine that could usually be much better used in property. Of course any investment has an element of risk, and that is why it is important to educate ourselves, and partner with the right people.
  • I reduce everything back to the internal rate of return, calculated by month, and then I reduce risk till the deal is safe as houses. Every single deal I have ever done has been highly profitable.
  • I have recently negotiated an option to buy some land near Stansted airport. My investment so far has been £2k in legal fees, and projected profit from the final development of 3 x 4 bed houses is over £800k after two years. This is an example of the fantastic returns when you add value through planning and development, and leverage other people's assets (the land).
  • I am always looking to connect with new and experienced property investors through my coaching programmes.