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Recommended Resources

Note that some of these are affiliate links and some are not. I am listing things because I use or have used them myself, and I recommend them.

I value my reputation and integrity, so I will never recommend something that I do not believe in.


Expert Secrets Book by Russell Brunson

More info here . Available free plus shipping ($9.95 to $19.95) with lots of great bonuses. Russell Brunson is a marketing genius, I have learned so much from him. This book goes into a lot of detail about how to find your voice, how to find your tribe, and how to communicate your message in a compelling way.

It gave me the confidence to start believing in myself to start teaching and coaching.

He has just published another edition with another 100 or so pages. So even if you have read it before, it is definitely worth reading the new version.

Traffic Secrets Book by Russell Brunson

More info here . Available free plus shipping ($9.95 to $19.95) with lots of great bonuses. This is his latest book published in May 2020. I bought the audio version (which is one of his upsells), and am already listening to it for the second time as it is packed with so much wisdom.

A lot of his own anecdotes and stories how he built his own brand and empire so large. In the first section he goes into a lot of detail about how we can approach and work with people with larger audiences. Then a lot of their audience will hopefully become our audience.

Then he discusses in great detail a lot of actionable and very useful advice about the following platforms: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Podcasting, Blogging.

Highly recommended.

30 interviews of 30 day marketing plans starting from nothing.

This is free. You just need to give your email address. More info here.

Each interview is by someone who has made over $1m from one sales funnel. They are all in different niches.

I have learned a lot from several of these interviews. There were 4 in particular that impressed me – Liz Benny, Julie Stoian, Rachel Pedersen and Rhonda Swan. There are all 26 others.

It was just really interesting to see the approach of all these people, all at the top of their game to create or package a product or service, and how to find customers and clients in 30 days.

One Funnel Away Challenge.

This costs $100. Click here for info.

This actually contains a lot more wisdom and content than other courses I have seen sold for $2,000.

It contains 3 videos a day for about 30 days. Maybe there is one rest day a week. I can’t remember.

It walks you though all the steps needed to research the market, and your competition, create a product and market it in 30 days.

It comes with an implementation plan booklet with actionable steps every day. Also an mp3 player with all the talks. It also comes with a large hard back book with the 30 blueprints of the 30 day interview series written down what to do each day,

In addition it comes with a second interview with each of the 30 people where they give screenshots of their ad copy, all the steps in their sales funnel, and all their statistics. eg it cost $35 to get someone to attend a webinar, 5% of those then signed up for a $2k event, then I downsold x% to a product for $297 etc.

By having this data available it makes it so much easier to craft our own price points and hooks for each stage of the funnel.