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"The Linz Corporation truly thanks Keith in building a strong SEO campaign for this new consulting firm. We achieved rankings beyond our expectations and are in a good position to get noticed among our target market."

Lindsay David MBA

"Keith is outstanding in his field and a market leader in online reputation management. I would highly recommend Keith's services as cutting edge and very effective"

David Cannell

"A thought and market leader"

Daniel Rogers

"Keith is the consummate professional whose business does exactly what it promises to do. A really useful contact."

David Bulpitt
Occupational Physician

My problem was that I had a complete stranger using my name because she had a grievance with another organisation, this was coming up within the first three results on Google when you googled my name, so right there at the top of the first page. Whilst not particularly damaging it was not the sort of impression I wanted to create when people looked me up (for prospective employers etc.) and it was causing me a problem with finding a job.

In researching the problem I found that there was a growing market for people in my position, and I realised I could do something about it which was a revelation. When I spoke to Keith he immediately understood my problem and was able to help me promote truthful/favourable results to the front of Google. Combined with a bit of deft content creation I have been able to ensure that the first four pages of Google are now results which are relevant to me. Even if someone does get up to Page 5 and see this result, they have already spent a good hour reading everything else there is to read about me first thus diluting the impact of any negative content and putting it in the proper context. This whole exercise has persuaded me of several things:

  1. We all have a Google CV and if it doesn’t look good you are the one that is going to be made ultimately responsible for it regardless of how the results got there and how long ago.
    2. Google’s results don’t submerge over time, thus one piece of bad news ten years ago seems just as relevant to Google as any other for a given search term.
    3. People expect to see something about you or your company on Google. You may think anonymity is good, it isn’t. You have got to put on your PR hat and get yourself out there with accurate truthful content for people to find or they will feel frustrated.
    4. Whatever they find, they will believe, in particular if they don’t know you.
    5. People will rarely wade through all your results, they will look at the first page or two and when satisfied they have formed an accurate impression will stop there.

I’ve been delighted with Keith’s services and would recommend him to anyone who is concerned about their Google CV.


Hi Keith,

Thanks a lot for you all your work. P. is really pleased with the results.

Thanks and regards


That’s fantastic news. I’ve been keeping an eye on it lately and notice the work you’ve done.

Many thanks for your great work – I looked today and could only see 2 refernces to the case on page 1 of google
Well done.


(NB: 6 negative sites were on Google at start of job two weeks previously)

“I contacted Keith wanting help with some negative comments some one had put on the web about me. These were comments I could not contact the originator about or do anything about. My job requires me to have a sterling reputation, these comments could have and most likely already did at some point cause me some damage.

Keith promised to push these comments back so they were buried many pages away from the front web search results page. So any body searching my name on the web would not see these bad comments on the 1st 2nd or 3rd pages of the results.

He delivered exactly what he said at a reasonable price. Reputation is important. And I for one would like to say Keith held his side of the deal.

I recommend him fully to any that are considering using his services. I am completely happy with the work he did for me.”


Dear Keith,

I would just like to say thank for all you hard work, availability on the phone and candid advice.

I appreciate it more than words can express.

It has been an extremely difficult time for me. A misunderstood comment on a phone call has caused me to make many hundreds of phone calls, spend thousands of pounds and shed hundreds of tears ;-( It has cost me my reputation, my friends and has had a profound effect on my business.

Your counsel and expertise has been invaluable.

Kin Regards,

Dr O…