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How Rich Dad Poor Dad Changed My Life

So I want to talk about the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki and I really, actually it changed my life. 'Cause it just, it presented this whole new way of looking at money. 'Cause I always used to think that the only way to earn money was to slave away in a job that I hated, and, you know, hopefully get promoted a bit and then a bit more money and just save it, and invest it in a pension. And then maybe one day when I was 65 or something I'd be able to retire, and then finally start to enjoy my live just as I was getting old.

But this book just really opened my eyes 'cause I just looked around me and I saw people, really rich people, the people who are crushing it, they were just, they didn't do it by careers or jobs, they did it by owning assets. And I remember at that time, I had quite a good job, really, I was an accountant, I was financial controller and I was managed to save, I think about $600 pounds a month, this was about 20 years ago.

But I was thinking, oh well, okay well, if I save $600 pounds a month then in 12 months and I save $7200, and then in 10 years I save $70,000. And then, thinking over 20, 30, you know, I was planning for when I retire, how much I'd have. It wasn't really a great deal, it wasn't really enough to retire on. But in my mind I was thinking, oh then at last, at last I'll be able to pack in my job and do something I enjoy and just rest and relax and so on. So, that's the old way of looking at it but Robert Kiyosaki, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" it just really opened my eyes, it was really, it's not about selling your time for money it's about owning assets, creating assets, creating wealth.

And this is, and this is just a whole different way of looking at it. And, you know, there's an easy way of doing things and a really hard way of doing things. And most people are doing the really hard way which is being in a job they hate and being trapped into, trapped into to and not be able to, you know retire 'cause of mortgage payments, and stuff like that. So, it helped me think about creating assets, building wealth. I invested in real estate back in the day and that was really successful and that really helped me transition then away from the corporate world, from a job I hated, into another world, the world of the internet.

And creating value, not only in terms of email lists and audience, my knowledge, my ability to speak and express myself. And creating these sort of internet assets which are a bit intangible but they are the gateway to wealth on the internet. So, I would definitely encourage you to look at your job, like is it really satisfying you, if it isn't really satisfying you, then maybe there's a way you can, like me, maybe you can find some way of developing by either buying an asset or creating value, creating value on the internet. So your buying that you're creating an asset. And these things are possible with today's platforms and explosion of social media. So that's all for now, see you soon, bye.