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The Three Secrets That Consultants Coaches and Trainers Do Not Know

Hi there, so I wanted to talk about the three really important lessons that most coaches and trainers never realise, which is why they have a failing business and they can never get enough students or clients.

So the first lesson is to just produce a lot of video, a lot of videos like this, it doesn't have to be long, just maybe five minutes each about the sort of things that their potential clients, their prospects might be interested in.

And then obviously just post these all over the place to many social media platforms and try and especially base the videos around potential problems that the clients might have or give them solutions, or just talk about their own journey.

So, I never, personally, I never realised this myself, I never used to make videos or it would take me a long time, you know, I used to be really scared of speaking in public and so I went to Toastmasters to help me with that. And then when I started doing videos I was all about, I was thinking, oh, who do, I started to almost having to act in a certain way, how does that person expect me to be, they want me to be really professional so I'd like pretend to be really profession and stuff.

But now I've realised it's just too exhausting having to, you know, play a certain roll in society, it's much better to just be yourself and not have to pretend and just, and then it's just like talking to a friend and you can just churn out more and more of these videos very easily. So that's step one, just produce a lot of videos.

So step two is, obviously, there's no point having loads of videos on your Facebook page if no on ever sees them. So it will involve a bit of boosting, boosting posts. So every now and then, so maybe a few dollars a post or something just to get your video out there and obviously and you, with Facebook, you can use demographic targeting, so obviously choose, do your best to sort of find an audience that would resinate with your message.

Maybe there's some big name sort of celebrity who's sort of in a similar field, oh people who might be interested in him or her might be interested in what I have to say as well. So, on Facebook, and Instagram, and other places you can target people who are interested in these people. So step two is to boost your videos to get them to reach a wider audience.

So step three is to then re-target people who've, who consume your content, it is very easy on Facebook, you can say, oh, well you can do an ad, you can boost this post, you can create an audience for people who've consumed say 50% of your videos. So then you know that instead of, then when you boost your next video, you can re-target these people.

So you've, these people are, have already seen you at least once and they've already, they haven't turned you off straight away so there's something in what you're saying that's all you that sort of resinated with them.

So, if you start boosting to these people, you will have a much better success rate because they already like you, so ultimately it'll be a lot cheaper to get your message out there. So these are the three messages that I think most coaches and trainers are not doing which are:-

1) to make a load of videos, not just one every now and then, but many videos, you know, preferably at least one a day, they don't have to be longs ones.

2) just boost them, spend a few dollars on each one boosting them to people in your target demographic, and

3) then start boosting, creating audiences of people who like your videos and then boost or advertise to this particular audience to try and move them up your value ladder. So instead of just consuming your free content hopefully they will opt into a list, or buy some of your low priced items, or just start to engage with you in a sort of higher sort of level. So, there are my three tips, I hope you find that useful. That's all for now, bye.