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Most People Will Ignore This Advice

So the first majority of people will probably ignore this advice and that's absolutely fine. 

But I really believe that if you change your attitude from one of where you're trying to sell to people, manipulate people, sort of try and get them to give you money, that's your prime motivator, instead of doing that, if you act from a space of contribution, where you're really wanting to help people, to serve people, and, you know, maybe it's a byproduct of that, then they give you money. Which is great because you're adding value. So if you just shift the emphasis in your mind that will have a really dramatic affect, it will have a really dramatic affect because people know, they can sense, they can sense what your primary motivation is. 

And people hate being sold to, I hate being sold to, I mean, if you ever had a sales call, I'm sure you have, people phone you up and say, oh, do you want to do this, this, this? No, I'm not interested. Or people come to my door, or I really don't want people to sell me stuff, it's just not interesting to me. But if I really feel that this person really wants the best for me, really wants to help me, it's a whole different experience. And if I find someone like that, you know, I just feel that I can really trust them and then I'm much more likely to enter into some, you know, to buy their stuff, for example or to listen to their message. 

So, act coming from a space of contribution, it's not some sort of new agey thing, it might be new agey as well but it's actually a sound sort of business principle. And it can really, I think it can really help you grow your business and grow your brand. I mean, and to have the public face of the brand as someone who can relate to like that, I'm thinking of someone like Steve Jobs people liked him, he had some sort of personality and, you know, people didn't feel that all he wanted to do was make as much money as possible. They felt he was also was trying to sort of build value in some way. And that's one of the reasons they could connect with him. And also that he wanted to sort of makes the lives of people with his Apple products better in some way. 

So, it's based on sound business principles and I think if you think like that, then, then it will help your business make more money, which is great and it'll also help you, of course, give a lot more value to other people 'cause your business will be bigger, will be helping more people and so on. But in addition to that, I just think it's a much more satisfying way to live your life where you're helping people, you're serving people, compared to just trying to sort of, you know, manipulate people and get bit of money there, get a bit of money there, don't really care if your products have value or not and don't really care if they're real benefit. 

So, I would really urge you, as much as possible to try and come from a space of contribution. You may use other words, you may think of it in terms of service people or but I think it's a really great attitude to have when you think of your prospect, when you think of who you're talking to in your, the videos you're making, the content you're producing, you're advertising, and so on.

So, that's all for now, bye.