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Why I Gave Up The Corporate World

The corporate world is very stressful and exhausting for many people. Those people only really truly relax when they are on holiday.

I am not going back into that world. That is why I started my internet business. So many people are making money in this way, and it is so much more satisfying than having a job.If you hate your job, just consider how you can transition away into your own online business.

So I'm going to talk to you today about why I gave up the corporate world. Now, when I left university I didn't really know what to do, I had no idea what to do as a career. But my father and brother were both accountants so I thought, all well, I'm quite good at math, so I might was well be an accountant. That's the only thing I could think of. So I ended up in this job in the city, it was a firm that became part of Deloitte's. And then I became a charge accountant, it was the hardest thing I ever did, the exams were so hard, I had to work like, study for like 15 hours a week in addition to doing a full 40 hour week job, and I had to do that three years.

So it was really hard but eventually I qualified so I'm like qualified charge accountant. But and then I got over the years, I had all these other jobs as an accountant and progressed to senior level. So I was chief financial officer for example. But I never really enjoyed it, they're okay, it was fun sometimes if we were in an office and we had a bit of officer banter and we have a bit of a laugh, that was quite good fun. But mostly it was just, I never really got excited about going to work, it was always a oh no, I got to go to work.

And then I used to live for Friday, it was like, even by Wednesday it was always halfway through the week now and you're like, two and half days to go. And then Thursday, oh, it's almost there and Friday afternoon I just felt so amazing when I could leave work, go home for the weekend. And Friday evening I loved, Saturday I loved, but Sunday just knowing that, oh no, you've got another five days of work starting tomorrow, is like, I started to feel this like horrible sort of sick feeling in my belly. And then Monday morning, oh, five days, it was like something in me was dying, it was just really horrible.

And then I went to work, and then I think partly it's just so exhausting and it's so stressful, there's so many demands on me from so many sides, so many different people bosses, co-workers, people under me and so on, all wanting me to be a certain way or wanting me to do certain things, it's just exhausting trying to sort of try and please everyone and you try and put so much energy into it. But it's never enough, you never really appreciated and I'm sure it's the same for you. Well, maybe not exactly the same but I'm sure you get a lot of resistance sometimes. And then I've been best to go on holiday and sometimes I go like, I'll fly away to this tropical island or something, I'd lie on my sun lounger and the first couple of days I'd still be so wound up in my job and then by the third or the fourth day I'd just feel really relaxed like it was, I'd just feel that all the tensions and stress of work had left me. And I realised it took me four days to get to this state, during the rest of the year, when I had to go back on Monday morning, I only had two days off, I never got to that state of relaxation during the rest of the year. It was literally only like once or twice a year when I went on holiday that I could achieve this state of relaxation.

So my whole life it was it was just this incredible struggle between trying to you want to be relaxed and happy and chilled out, was what I really wanted but then I was ending up with all this stress and trying to please everyone and office politics, and more and more work being shoved on me on the other hand. So, I'm not going back into that world, that is why I'm so passionate about the internet. Because you can, you can make money on the internet, you can get a living, you can, just because of the way the internet works, the scalability of it all, and especially if you know all the sort of strategies and especially if you can sort of find your voice and you can find your target market and connect with them.

There's so many, so many people making money this way and I'll tell you what, having my own business is so different from having to go to work, I used to hate the Monday morning feeling now I love Monday mornings 'cause oh, great, I can get on with my job, I can get on with my business. And I love it, I really love it because it's, it's not like having to go and like make everyone happy and get over the stress, instead of that, it's more just make money, how can I make money, how can I be creative, how can I help these people, how can I connect with those and sort of do something that's mission beneficial, how can I express myself. You know, there's so many different really positive, creative things to it and it's just a whole different experience.

So, I hope I've inspired you know, if you have any sort of, if you love your job, that's great, I'm really happy for you, I really am. But if you don't like your job, if you hate your job, I really like you to consider how you can try and transition away into your own business. I'm not all, I don't suggest you give everything up, burn all your boats, and just do something really risky or anything like that but maybe just start something sort of part-time and sort of watch it blossom and grow. And then at some point in the future hopefully be successful enough you can just give up your job and run your own business like I do. That's all for now, see you soon, bye.