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How Peng Joon Opened My Eyes

In this post I talk about Peng Joon's content strategy. How he produces a lot of videos, and syndicates them to many platforms, and then retargets people who watch 50% or more of his videos.It is a a brilliant strategy, and I have started to follow it a couple of weeks ago.

In fact this very video is an example of me doing it.An advanced tip of his is to target the audiences of people operating in the same space as you. And I am doing this too. People searching for Peng Joon might come across this video, and some might start following my content as well.

Hi there, so today I want to talk about Peng Joon, about how coming across some of his YouTube videos and some of his products that I've bought how that's really helped me change way that I produce content, that how I interact with people on social media and how I build my audience. So it's really opened my eyes how I can go from just, you know, making a post and not many people looking at it, no one really engaging with it. To just doing this on mass, to just reaching loads of people, such a simple strategy. And actually, I've seen this strategy in other places but what's really great about Peng is the way he articulates it, he breaks it down, he makes it really simple.

It's this step, he explains this step very simply, and then he explains this step, and then this step. So, it sort of, it somehow sort of goes in and it sort of, I, 'cause I hear other people talk, I listen to audio books or something and they say the same thing, blah, blah, blah it's all in this mass of other detail. That it just sort of washes in, sort of in one ear and out the other. But his, so his presentation style is really good the way he breaks it down.

But also the strategy works, it must work, he was the number one affiliate for when Russel Brunson produced his book, "Expert Secrets" and Peng Joon beat people like Tony Robbins and other people with massive audiences. And Peng Joon explains the way he did this. And now I hadn't really, I hadn't heard of him before and I just sort of thought, his little name, I saw on Peng Joon, yeah, okay, another of the million of people teaching internet marketing. But I was actually, sometimes I watch YouTube when I eat my breakfast or something like that, watch it on my TV, and for some reason, I don't know why YouTube decided to deliver me a video of Peng Joon. It was the one he gave at the Funnel Hacking Live, last year I think it was.

And he talked about how he produced one video and from that he posted it to Facebook, Instagram, he got it transcribed so it went onto his blog, and also YouTube of course. And also, not only that, also in the same video he split into he might take 15 second chunks or it might take minute chunks for Instagram and he might also repurpose the content. So sometimes he might put the transcript on, he might add images. So it was a whole system, and he might do quote cards of himself and how he, what he did, he spends three days producing, I think, 120 videos, so it's enough for the next three months. So, it's an incredible, and also, all he needs to do is create the videos and he can hire other people to chop it up, edit it, and post it in different places.

Now I sort of seen this strategy in other places but the way he systematised it, and the way he explained it, and I realised it was actually, it was actually doable. 'Cause I'm fairly comfortable talking in front of the camera anyway, so I know I can produce videos and I've hired outsources before to do work for me, so I know I can set up a system to get everything produced. And then, it just sort of made sense 'cause if you're producing this volume of content on social media, then, obviously, there'd be a lot of misses but then some of them will succeed. There'd be a top 5% or top 10% which get a lot of engagement, likes, and shares. And that feedback is vital 'cause it's your, it's the universe telling you what they want more of.

So, it's not only, of course, information, it's all my beliefs, my mindset, my life experiences, everything I have to bring to the table, which is what makes me unique, and what makes you unique, what makes every single person on the planet unique. This is what we can all bring to the table, so we all have our own view of things and that, combined with the information which we're able to share is our personal brand. And that is why I find this whole information business so exciting 'cause it's about building a personal brand. 'Cause I used to, in the past, used to, for example, I had an Amazon business where I sold products on Amazon but there was always, I couldn't really build a brand 'cause I was just selling like a thing and then there'd be someone else selling a very similar thing, we just compete on price. And so it really eroded the profit margin to not very much but no one is me, no one is you.

So this is what the beauty of having a personal brand is. And using Pen Joon's strategies to mass produce content, the content multiplier formula, I think he calls it, is a brilliant strategy and it's opened my eyes. And he's turned this system is so simple, step-by-step, I know I can just do one step at a time and then maybe both hiring people and so on, and the system, I know it is achievable. So this is the start of my, this is one of the first few videos I'm doing actually using this system.

So if you look, if you're looking a this in a few months time, hopefully you'll see a lot more content from me and you'll know what I was like when I was just starting out on this process. And I hope that you can do this too, I hope that you can just really get yourself out there, start making videos, starting posting it to social media, and just building your brand, getting the universe aware of you and so on. And then from that, you can find a way of hopefully monetizing it and help people and creating value and so on. So, that's all for now, see you soon.