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Why business coaching can cause such powerful results

Goal setting

Goal setting is extremely important, and can really help us become more successful.

A real life example of this working is the 4 minute mile.

On May 6th 1954, Roger Bannister ran a mile in 3 minutes fifty nine and four tenths of a second. This was the first time in history that anyone had ever been recorded as doing a 4 minute mile. So people generally believed that it was not possible to do.

But once he achieved this people realised that it was possible, and many other people also achieved this.

Just 46 days later, John Landy recorded a time of 3 minutes and 58 seconds. Not only that, in the following year three runners broke the four minute mile barrier in a single race.

Since then more than a thousand more runners have achieved this.

This just demonstrates how the power of our beliefs and mindset can either prevent our success or alternatively make the impossible possible.

What about challenges?

Even if we have set our goals, we will come up against challenges.

For example:

  1. We may be scared of what people may think of us if we fail. We may be scared of the feelings of rejection when someone says no.
  2. We may believe that although success may be possible for other people, it is not possible for us. There is something wrong with us that stops us succeeding.
  3. Maybe we tried something before and we failed. We then believe that we could never succeed, and gave up trying again

Each of these challenges can close down our mind and stop us from even attempting to succeed. So we stop ourselves before we even start.

Of course, there are objective facts that need to be taken into account. But what I am talking about here are subconscious limiting beliefs that run our lives.

These are exactly the sort of thing that a coach can help us become more conscious of. When we are conscious of these beliefs, then we can choose whether to listen to them or not.

For example, in the first example. If we are scared of the emotions we feel when failing or rejecting, we can ask ourselves if these feelings are really so bad it is better to forget our dreams, forget about living to our fullest potential and to carry on with our mediocre, and unsatisfying existence. The answer is obviously not. Feelings come and go. Growth only comes with stepping outside our comfort zone.

In the second example, we believe that success is possible for others but not ourselves. If we think about this rationally we can see how absurd this is. So many people have been incredibly successful when on paper, we have much more going for us than them. The difference is that they took action, while we gave up before we started.

In the last example, we may contemplate that we tried one particular method at a certain time. We learned a lot from the experience. Now if we try things again but from a different angle we could succeed. Maybe get different people to help us, or try a different approach. Because of the scalability of the internet, one small change can be the difference between massive failure and massive success.

So we have 2 options

Option a: Carry on the same and get the same results we have always got

Option b Get an effective coach who will support us to expand our mindset, beliefs and confidence and achieve far more

How is this achieved?

It is achieved through a series of conversations and email exchanges.

The idea is that the following things will happen:-You will feel totally supported and realise that some things are possible that you had not considered before.

You can bounce ideas off him and see them from new angles. Two minds are much better than one.

In short you build a new reality with him in which you can achieve more or less anything. The more you talk with him you will see how your limiting beliefs have been holding you back, and you will develop unstoppable confidence.

How is it delivered?

It is delivered in many forms:

  • weekly calls
  • email support
  • action points
  • goal setting
  • accountability partner
  • access to a dashboard in my coaching software

I am also a consultant

As well as being a business coach, I have an extensive background in business. I was a Deloitte trained chartered accountant, and reached senior positions in industry. Also I have worked as an entrepreneur for about 20 years, and have developed a massive amount of skills.

So if you are a coaching client, if required, I can always go into consultant mode, and give you advice based on my business/financial/internet/entrepreneurial skillset.

Do this thought experiment

Imagine that you hire me. Really feel it vividly. Imagine how we will work together and what you will achieve in the next 3 months. Then fast forward 3 months into the future and look back and see how much your business has grown.Close your eyes and really feel the truth of this. Then try and estimate how much it would be worth to you for this to happen.

End of exercise. You can come back to reality now. But the purpose of this is to show the value of having a goal based vision strongly in your mind. A vision that becomes more vivid by discussing it with your coach.

The next step

If you are interested in exploring this, please contact me to discuss.