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What makes me angry

Hi there, so I just wanted to talk about something that just makes me really angry. And that's why some people really give up on their dreams and they live this sort of mediocre life, they live a life where they're not happy. 

And they have a job that they hate and they just spend, I don't know, 47 or 48 weeks of the year going to this job, getting in the, driving to work, getting in a train, dreading Monday morning, have this sort of really sick feeling in their stomach every Monday morning when they've got the whole other week, they've got a whole week of work ahead of them. And they've got bosses, even nice bosses can be, you know, who push work onto them, who stress them out. And then they get to work and they've got piles of work in front of them. And it's just a depressing life. 

And people just give up, they just resign themselves to this. It's just, you know they might have all these dreams inside of wouldn't it be nice to do this or this, sort of fantasies but instead they just give up. They just think, oh, these amazing dreams, they're for other people, other people can achieve that but not me. I'm not good enough or I haven't, you know, got the money to get things started, or I don't have the skill, or the knowledge, or I'm too scared to get it started, or whatever it is. 

So, I think that you should never give up on your dreams. 

You know I used to be like that and sort of in a horrible job where it was, and then I remember just going to work on the Tube in London to work. And just looking at people's faces, it's like people were dead, they were dead inside. It's like they're trying to numb themselves to sort of pain, in that situation, that was in the morning when they were going to work. And then in the afternoon it was even worse because they were just so exhausted. I know I used to fall asleep on the Tube on the way back, I always used to wake up at my stop, only missed it once, once or twice I think. 

But it's not any way to live your life, I mean it's okay to do it for a short period of time but people do that for years, some people for their whole working like they just hate their job and they just, it's like something in them, something in them that's dying. So, life does not have to be like that, you don't have to give up on your dreams. 

I'm not saying that everyone can go out an be a millionaire or sort of something like that but there's other possibilities, there's other ways of, other ways of living their life. Maybe you can downsize, maybe you can just live a bit more cheaply and then you can sort of go and work part-time for example. Or maybe get a lower paying job which is less stressful but it's more something you want to do. 

I mean, or maybe you can find some sort of part-time internet business or something that can help give a bit more money which means you can reduce your hours. Or maybe what I used to do, I used to do temp jobs. I used to work for, 'cause I used to be an accountant, and there's actually quite a big market for temp jobs for accountants 'cause people might only need you for year-end or if something's in a mess and needs sorting out. 

So I used to work for six months, then go travelling around India or South East Asia or something like that. That was when I was in my 20s and that worked really well, actually 'cause I didn't mind knuckling down for something I didn't like if it was for a short period of time. But I just didn't want to do it my whole life. 

So, please, don't give up on your dreams, find, if you love your job that's great but if you don't love it, just think of ways you can change your life and think of other ways you can make money, maybe by building assets of some kind instead of selling your time for labour or selling your time for money. Or maybe you can find, find some way of doing another job which is less stressful, something more enjoyable. I mean there's many different things you can do but please don't give up on your dreams and don't live a life you hate. 

That's all for now, bye.