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Why Advertising Does Not Work

So in this video I am talking about possibly the biggest reason why advertising is not working for you. Maybe you are advertising to a cold audience.

Instead you should lead with value and give a cold audience useful content.

Then later on you can retarget people who watch your videos with an advert. Then your cost of acquisition will be a lot cheaper.

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So what I want to talk to you today is why people are spending money on advertising and they're spending more on advertising than the revenue they're making from selling their product or service. In other words, advertising doesn't work for them. Why is that? So it could be many reasons, you know, maybe the quality of the ad is wrong, maybe the audience is wrong.

But I think probably the biggest reason is 'cause they're selling their, they're doing the ads to a cold audience, they're doing the ads to people who don't know who they are. Now, when I look at Facebook, in my news feed, you know, see all the sort of cute puppies or whatever or fruity little memes from my hands, or other stuff that's of interest, suddenly I'll see this ad for, a sponsored ad. And then there's this really annoying internet marketer or something trying to sell me his product.

I think ugh, I don't want to listen to that and I just go onto the next one. And or some or someone will start watching it, oh this is boring, who is this guy? So, these are cold, they're selling their ad, they're doing their as to a cold audience, I don't know who they are, I've got information overload, I've got a million things I can be doing rather than watch, spend and invest more of my time watching yet another theory by some so-called internet guru.

So, this is why you should be serving your ads only to a warm audience, to people who've consumed your content, who like what you have to say. So this is why I'm following this sort of two-step strategy, my first strategy is just to shoot videos like this one, I'm not selling anything, I'm just talking about stuff.

So I'm just, I'm providing content and some people like this, some people don't but Facebook knows who likes this, Facebook knows how watches X percent of my videos. So then, at some point in the future, I could do an ad for it, and I could just target people who've watched 70% of my videos, called retargeting and it's to do with putting a Facebook pixel on your page, on our advert and then that gets loaded as cookie onto the person's computer.

And it's really not that hard to do and a lot of people aren't doing it and they should be. So, step one, just do pure content, provide value to people. And then step two, people who've consumed your content, then you can possibly give them a different message 'cause they already know who you are and they may be more open to doing things like signing up to your email list, or buying a low value item from you, and getting a lot more, much better content.

So, and then there's various levels, you know, that's just the first two, there's various levels up and above that as they sort of climb up your value ladder and you'll be able to give them more and more, and better and better content. And maybe group coaching or one-to-one time, or whatever it is that you offer. So that's why most people fail, they try and sell ads, they try and advertise to a cold audience. Hope this helps, see you soon, bye.