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How Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson Helped Me

Hi there, so I wanted to talk about how this book has helped me. So this book is "Expert Secrets" by Russell Brunson. Now, I remember when I first came across Russell Brunson, I might have gotten an email from someone trying to sell it or something. I thought, oh, not another internet market book, I've read so many internet marketing books. Who is this guy, I can't be bothered. And then I didn't really see anything about him for another year or two after that. And then I forget what happened, how I sort of came across him again but I ended up buy buying this and reading it and I just finding it's just a really amazing book. Now this is his second book the first one is, "Dot Com Secrets." But this one in particular I like and the subtitle I really like which is, "The underground playbook to find your message, "build a tribe, and change the world."

Now, underground, that's just sort of, that's sort of a buzz word, what's it mean? Underground, overground, who knows. But I love the, "To find your message, build a tribe, "and change the world." Now how inspiring is that? And it really talks to what I'm trying to do and I think of what a lot of people would love to do which is to just find my message. You know, I've had so many life experiences over the years, I've learned so much from situations I've been in from listening to people, from making a lot of mistakes and stuff that, you know, and in life and in business as well. So, I do have a message, it's just really getting in touch with it, what is my message?

And also building a tribe, how to, you know there are people who'd be interested in my message. So it's just way, that how to connect with them. And those people are interested in your message, and they would be your tribe. So it's how to connect with them and then having your message and the tribe then together, having those two things, you can really change the world, you can inspire these people, you can educate them. And in return, of course, they can help you by paying you money, by buying your stuff. So it's sort of win-win. But the, the thing is, most people just put themselves down, they just think they have this boring little life and they go to work, they commute to work, and they go into a job they hate, and they think, oh no, I can't do it, all this stuff is for other people.

They see other people succeed and think, oh no, I couldn't possibly do that. That's rubbish, you can, you can do this if other people can do it, you can do it. It's just probably 90% of it is mindset, it's just really believing you can do it. And thinking, you know, what am I good at, what things am I better at now than I was a few years ago? Anything like that, you just have to find your tribe but then could be people like you were a few years ago who didn't the knowledge and the skill, or the passion, or what, insight to whatever it is that you have now. So you just have to find those people and help them and then, so instead of taking sort of several years, making all these mistakes, going up a lot of blind alleys, they can really short circuit that and do it now. So, that's what I got most about this book is like this sparring yes, you can do it and also it's just full of strategy.

Like how to step-by-step, you do this, you do that, you know, you do Facebook Lives, you connect with people, you get an audience, you refine your message, you get feedback and then you start learning how to sell, how to package it up into a product and then how to market it, how to really communicate your message to people who don't realise they have a problem, that's the step one, to make them realise they have a problem and that you have the solution, so on. So then meeting them on this sort of journey.

So it's really useful for communicating your entire, not only your message but to people who would understand it now. But also communicating your message to people who are totally closed off to it now because they don't really realise that they have a problem or how you can help them. So it's helping them sort of make these incremental steps out of knowledge and awareness so they can really see how they can help them and so on. So, that's what all this book's about.

So, it is a fantastic book but all his books are great, I've just got "Traffic Secrets" as well, that's really what gives the three steps of dot com, it's about how to do funnels, this one is about how to position yourself as an expert and how to sell. The third one is traffic, which is the missing bit of the equation, how to get traffic into your funnel, so get the word out to a wider audience. So I would definitely recommend it, so you can actually get it free if you go to the right place, you can use my website. But that's all for now, see you soon, bye.